• Charlie is one of the 305,000 kiwi kids living in poverty; kids who have all the odds stacked against them
  • You can make a difference.

    Use your degree. Teach first.


    At Teach First NZ we develop people into teachers that make a real difference at school, that lead and inspire a real difference in society, and who believe in and make all the difference to the kids who need it most. Because when you believe in someone long enough, they start to believe in themselves.


    Today in New Zealand not every Kiwi kid gets the same chance. If you grow up in a low-income household the odds are stacked against you. Not having enough food some days, living in a crowded, damp and cold house or having to work part time jobs to support family can mean that when these kids get to school there are lots of barriers to them doing their best. This is a big problem affecting over 305,000 Kiwi kids and it’s going to take many talented people to bring about change.


    Teach First NZ aims to tackle this educational inequality with a two-year leadership programme that develops top graduates and career-changing professionals into highly effective teachers and inspirational leaders.



    Our Programme

    Our programme provides carefully selected participants with the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in a school community, inspiring future generations of New Zealanders to fulfil their educational potential. Upon graduating you will be awarded with a Postgraduate Diploma in teaching from the University of Auckland, New Zealand's world-ranked university.


    Teach First NZ has been identified as offering one of the top 3 Graduate Development programmes in NZ. But we’re about far more than just teaching – we develop leaders who are committed to making a difference. Delivered with support from leading New Zealand businesses and other organisations, we draw out the abilities of our participants as communicators and influencers in a way that no other graduate programme can.


    We recruit outstanding, well-rounded people from a range of disciplines and career interests.



    Acceptance into the Teach First NZ programme provides participants with:

    • Fully funded initial training and ongoing professional development
    • Leadership development 
    • Over ten weeks of annual holidays
    • The opportunity to develop lifelong friendships with fellow participants
    • A competitive salary throughout the two-year programme
    • Coaching and mentoring to support growth and learning
    • Connections to top New Zealand businesses
    • Access to an international network of participants and alumni
    • A full scholarship towards a Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching from the University of Auckland
    • The opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of Kiwi kids who need it most


  • You can make a difference!